Audio Anatomy LP vinila plašu koferis

Чемодан для виниловых пластинок

€ 47.99
Цвет черный
Izmērs 12"
Iepakojuma izmērs (L x W x H), cm 17.5 x 35.0 x 38.5
Вместимость 35 gab. LP
EAN код 5906660083351
Svars bruto, kg 2.83
Svars neto, kg 2.8

Vinyl-Record case for 12″ vinyl records is the ideal accessory for transporting up to 35 vinyl records or 25 gatefolds/double LPs. The record case in retro style design features exciting details such as red velvet, metal corners and its ergonomic handle. It is therefore not only a reliable carrying case, but an elegant accessory for storing your favorite vinyl discs.