Rhino EAGLES "Long Road Out Of Eden" (180g)

LP Vinila plate

ARTIKULS: R1566802
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Formāts 2LP
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Izpildītājs EAGLES
Žanrs Rock
Izdevējs Rhino
EAN kods 603497845514
Izdošanas gads 2007 pārizdošana 2021

1 No more walks in the wood

2 How long

3 Busy being fabulous

4 What do i do with my heart

5 Guilty of the crime

6 I don't want to hear anymore

7 Waiting in the weeds

8 No more cloudy days

9 Fast company

10 Do something

11 You are not alone

1 Long road out of eden

2 I dreamed there was no war

3 Somebody

4 Frail grasp on the big picture

5 Last good time in town

6 I love to watch a woman dance

7 Business as usual

8 Center of the universe

9 It's your world now