BMG Rights SPARKS "A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip (180g, Limited Edition, Colored Vinyl)

LP Vinila plate

ARTIKULS: 538603240
€ 30.99
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Formāts 2LP
Svars bruto, kg 0.56
Žanrs Art pop
EAN kods 4050538603248
Izdevējs BMG Rights
Izpildītājs Sparks
Izdošanas gads 2020

1 All That

2 I'm Toast

3 Lawnmower

4 Sainthood Is Not In Your Future

5 Pacific Standard Time

6 Stravinsky's Only Hit

7 Left Out In The Cold

1 Self-Effacing

2 One For The Ages

3 Onomato Pia

4 iPhone

5 The Existential Threat

6 Nothing Travels Faster Than The Speed Of Light

7 Please Don't Fuck Up My World