Noise Records KREATOR "Under the Guillotine" (Grey with Red Splatter Vinyl)

LP Vinila plate

€ 27.00
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Žanrs Death metal, Black/Death Metal, Metal
Formāts 2LP
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EAN kods 4050538613919
Izpildītājs KREATOR
Izdevējs Noise Records
Izdošanas gads 2021

1 Extreme Aggression

2 Terrible Certainty (Remix)

3 Endless Pain

4 People Of The Lie

5 Flag Of Hate

6 Choir Of The Damned

7 Pleasure To Kill

8 Betrayer

9 Toxic Trace

10 After The Attack

11 Awakening Of The Gods

12 Terror Zone

13 Renewal (Remix)

14 Tormentor (End Of The World demo)

15 Behind The Mirror

16 Some Pain Will Last

17 Europe After The Rain (Remix)

18 Under The Guillotine