BMG Rights GARY NUMAN "Intruder" (Red Vinyl, Indie Retail Exclusive, Limited Edition)

LP Vinila plate

ARTIKULS: 4050538658736
€ 34.99
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Formāts 2LP
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Izpildītājs GARY NUMAN
Žanrs Rock, Electropop, Electronic Pop
Izdevējs BMG Rights
EAN kods 4050538658736
Izdošanas gads 2021

1 Side A: Betrayed

2 The Gift

3 I Am Screaming

4 Intruder

5 Side B: Is This World Not Enough?

6 A Black Sun

7 The Chosen

1 Side C: And It Breaks Me Again

2 Saints and Liars

3 Now and Forever

4 Side D: The End of Dragons

5 When You Fall

6 The End of Dragons (Alt)