Rhino WHITESNAKE "Restless Heart" (25th Anniversary Edition, 180g, Silver Vinyl)

LP Vinila plate

ARTIKULS: R1659200
€ 44.00
Izdošanas gads 1997, pārizdošana 2021
Svars neto, kg 0.55
Formāts 2LP
EAN kods 190295022662
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Izpildītājs WHITESNAKE
Izdevējs Rhino
Žanrs Hard Rock, Blues Rock

1 Restless heart

2 You're so fine

3 Can't go on

4 Crying

5 Take me back again

6 Anything you want

7 Too many tears

1 All in the name of love

2 Your precious love

3 Can't stop now

4 Woman trouble blues

5 Stay with me

6 Oi (theme for an imaginary drum solo)

7 Don't fade away

8 Can't go on (unzipped)