Audio Anatomy LP VINYL OUTER SLEEVES, 12″ PVC / 100µ

Record Cover Protection, antistatic

€ 30.72
Izmērs 12"
EAN 5906660083238
Material PVC / 100µ
Color transparent
Iepakojuma izmērs (L x W x H), cm 1.0 x 33.0 x 33.0
Svars bruto, kg 1.52
Svars neto, kg 1.518
Daudzums 50 gab.

Made from transparent certified PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Perfect protection against dust, fingerprints and moisture. Universal size for 12″ vinyl records. Produced in the EU. Available in 25 and 50-piece packaging.

The Vinyl-Outer Sleeves are the indispensable accessory for any vinyl collector. They provide easy and efficient protection against dust, fingerprints and moisture, resulting in improved sound quality and increased longevity of your vinyl records and vinyl covers. To keep your vinyl records clean, we recommend keeping them in the antistatic Inner Sleeves and cleaning your records regularly with Cleaning Brushes and Cleaning Cloths.